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Ozone Health Clubs is one destination for fitness and health enthusiasts, the multi-specialty center has a presence all over India in order to meet modern lifestyle with utmost luxury given to the eco-friendly environment. Ozone since its inception in 2002 has bagged the Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini Award for the best chain of Eco- friendly health clubs in India. The chain has also embarked itself with ISO-9001-2000 & ISO-14001 certifications, which makes it the first ISO certified health club in India.

The Ozone Chain of Health clubs has been changing the lives of people for more than 10 years by keeping them fit. They make sure that you get your exercise doses with all our latest equipment and tools to perform your best. They have learned the best techniques to get your heart pounding and your muscles outbursting with the latest state of the art machines. At Ozone, we integrate various forms of art & exercises such as gym, spa, yoga, aerobics etc all under a single roof.

Mr. Kamal Bagga and Ms. Ritu Bagga the Co-founders of Aryan Bagga and Associates Private Limited are the promoters of Ozone Model Town- a franchise of Ozone Health Group, who are successful serial entrepreneurs and passionate about working out and staying fit. They envision to club Luxury with Gym and Spa to offer an amazing experience to the elite segment of Delhi NCR. The latest and the biggest health club “Ozone Model Town” is a result of their dreams to provide a sophisticated and pleasurable experience while burning your sweat and making your body muscle stiff and toned.

Ozone Model Town appreciates a healthy and fit body and renders services such as Body Building, Weight Lifting, Boxing, Crossfit, Personal Training, Cardio and other fitness related activity so that you can develop a more active, strong and powerful state of mind and body.

The experienced team of management and trainers at Ozone Model Town makes sure everything is working in line with its proposed purpose while managing the needs and requirement of the gym in order to enhance your work out experience. The biggest news they are breaking is that Ozone Model Town will be launching in Mid May so you don’t have to wait anymore to explore your passion.

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