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Things You Should Do Before Every Workout

A solid pre-workout routine begins long before you step into the gym. When it comes to your fitness routine, the time you spend sweating in the gym tends to get all credit – but it shouldn’t.

If you know what to do before the workout you will know exactly how to track your routine so that it will impact your results.

Here are 5 pre-workout tips to maximize your results:

Prioritise Getting Quality Sleep

Sleep is the most crucial thing in any fitness program. When you sleep, your body goes into recovery mode and all systems of your body benefit from adequate sleep, including muscular system. Being well-rested not only energizes you through every burpee but also keeps your hunger hormones in check, so you are not undoing your efforts in the gym by overeating. Giving your body a chance to recover means you can get back to full attention and energy.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

We all know that water is very crucial to overall health, but it plays important role in a fitness routine too. When you are sweating it out, you need to make sure your body is properly hydrated since you are losing water. Being hydrated will always make sure your energy level are where they need to be.

Grab a Snack

What you eat-and when you eat, matters. It is important to eat 1-2 hours before the workout because it will fuel your workout as your body needs sugar for energy during the time of the workout. When you work out on an empty stomach, your body will still be looking for energy. It will burn your muscle mass which you want to build, even if your goal is weight loss. So, consuming pre-workout snack can help give you energy for the great workout.

Pick a Workout Attire

Being able to jump, run, stretch, and get into certain poses is more than your mobility and flexibility. For example, you might not care much about sports bra you choose for yoga, but for running, you will want a high impact. There is nothing worse than arriving at the gym and realizing that you are a little uncomfortable. Before you head out to the gym, make sure you are dressed properly.

Perform Dynamic Warm-Up

Skipping your warm-up is a big no-no even if your workout is only for 15 minutes long. The warm-up is meant to give your body the opportunity to raise your body temperature, facilitate blood flow in your muscles, reduce the risk of injuries, and prepare you for what you are about to do.

Follow these 5 pre-workout tips for a good fitness routine.

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